sabato 31 agosto 2013

Un bootleg al giorno - 31 agosto - Spin Doctors (mp3 + FLAC)

Spin Doctors
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA

CD 1 - Set 1
02.At This Hour
03.Hungry Hamed´s
04.Uranium Century
05.Scotch And Water Blues
06.Yo Baby
07.Bags Of Dirt
08.Cleopatra´s Cat
09.Lady Kerosene
10.Hard To Exist

CD 2
02.I'm Dreaming Of A White Girlfriend
03.Temporary Love
04.If You Were A Dog (w/ Spin Doctors)

Set 2
05.Turn It Upside Down
06.Yo Mama´s A Pajama
07.Someday All This Will Be Road
08.Sister Sisyphus
09.Sweet Widow

CD 3
01.Mary Jane
02.Biscuit Head >
04.Back Door Man (The Doors)
06.You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast
07.Freeway Of The Plains
08.E: Prey To Bears >
09.Off My Line
10.Checking Up On My Baby

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