domenica 3 novembre 2013

Un bootleg al giorno - 3 novembre - Social Distortion ( 2 shows!!!) (FLAC)

Social Distortion
Sunset Station
San Antonio

Road Zombie
Reach For The Sky
Highway 101
Under My Thumb
Mommys Little Monster
When She Begins
Sick Boys
Gotta Know The Rules
Ball And Chain
Far Behind
Sometimes I Do
King Of Fools
Dont know this one
Nickels And Dimes
Encore Break
Prison Bound
Ring Of Fire

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Social Distortion
Electric Factory, 7th & Willow St., 
Philadelphia, PA, USA

1.I Was Wrong 
2.So Far Away 
3.Bad Luck 
4.Far Behind 
5.Sick Boys 
8.Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown 
9.Cold Feelings 
10.Company C (Mike Ness song) 
11.Ball and Chain 
12.Pleasure Seeker 
13.Black Magic 
14.Don't Drag Me Down 
15.Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)

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