mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

19 ottobre - caroline

dal nuovo album del caro amico cesare carugi, ecco una gustosa anteprima

Your roses, tonight, you won't throw them away
Your loneliness is the best part of your day
You paint broken hearts on the wall of your hometown
This black train is carrying you down

Now it's time for your shadow to leave the room

Everything's getting chilly and it won't heal my wound
They fall in love with your eyes but they're partners in crime
Your tenderness is hiding a knife

Tonight your sweet voice, baby, it sounds like a gun

I can read it in your eyes, dear, for you it's only fun
You lit up so many candles just to find out a light
This is your house, Caroline

Your cheeks smooth as leather, striking like wine
Your words sound like poetry in the still of the night
but it all goes up in flames when the devil has you
and leaves you there to burn the room

They say you suffered, they say you cried, they say in the end you're right
They protect you and save you from your own vice
But those painted fingernails scratch like a cat
lots of wounds and no regret

The devil's in your boots, cold as your stiletto heels
moves the nails along the blackboard, with your blood turning to steel
there ain't no fire that won't burn you, but it seduces you sometimes
This is your skin, Caroline

Who are you to let it all end
in a jukebox playing dumb and deaf?
on the side of the road and in the riverbed
Nothing but death

The gasoline stink, the creaking of the trees
The sharpness of the glass, the ghost memories
The indicator resounds annoying like the rain
The spark feeds the flame

This silence like hell crawls down through your skin
These snowflakes like feathers dancing in the cold wind
They fondle the road till they dissolve without a sound
in a pool of blood on the ground

I saw you last night while the church bells rang
In the chill of the winter your eyes looked so sad
While you dry your tears the road gets blind
This is your life, Caroline

caroline - cesare carugi (here's to the road)

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