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Accadde oggi - 15 agosto

15 agosto 1965 - i beatles stabiliscono il nuovo record di spettatori ad un concerto, allo shea stadium di new york; 55.600 persone assistono allo show, tra di loro i rolling stones, mentre bob dylan li andrà a trovare in albergo dopo il concerto.

15 agosto 1969 - Nel terreno di max yasgur a bethel, NY, inizia IL festival di woodstock. La prima parte del bootleg del festival presenta le seguenti esibizioni:

CD 1:
Richie Havens
01. John Morris: Richie Havens Intro
02. High Flyin' Bird
03. Unknown Song
04. I Can't Make It Anymore
05. With A Little Help From My Friends
06. Strawberry Fields Forever - Hey Jude
07. Motherless Child
08. Day Song
Bert Sommer
09. Jennifer
Arlo Guthrie
10. Amazing Grace
11. John Morris Intro > They Live The Life
12. BBY
13. Waitin' For You
14. Jam
Country Joe McDonald
15. Chip Monck: Country Joe Intro
16. Janis
17. Rockin' All Around
18. Flyin' High All Over The World
19. Seen A Rocket
20. Waiting
21. You Just Don't Care

CD 2:
Keef Hartley Band
01. Spanish Fly
Incredible String Band
02. Invocation
03. The Letter
04. This Moment
05. When You Find Out Who You Are > Chip Monck Outro
06. Stormy Monday
07. Theme From An Imaginary Western
08. Long Red
09. For Yasgur's Farm
10. You And Me
11. Waiting To Take You Away
12. Dreams Of Milk And Honey
13. Stage Problems Announcement
Grateful Dead
14. Ken Babbs/Chip Monck Intro > St. Stephen

CD 3:
Grateful Dead
01. Mama Tried
02. Equipment Failure And Stage Raps
03. Dark Star
04. High Time

CD 4:
Grateful Dead
01. Turn On Your Lovelight

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15 agosto 1991 - Paul Simon tiene un concerto gratuito a central park, new york, di fronte a 750.000 persone


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