lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

Un bootleg al giorno - 11 febbraio - Blue Oyster Cult

live at Rolling Stone - Milano(Italy) - 1986-02-11(11th february 1986)
mp3 - 320 kbps

Line Up:
Eric Bloom - guitar/vocals
Buck Dharma - guitar/vocals
Joe Bouchard - bass
Tommy Zvoncheck - keyboards
Jimmy Wilcox - drums

part 1:
Intro(Blade Runner's theme)
RU ready to rock
Dominance and Submission
White Flags
Take Me Away
Veteran of the psychic wars
Dancing in the ruins

part2 :
Joan Crawford
Shadow Warrior
Burnin' for you
Godzilla/drum solo/Godzilla
Don't fear the reaper
Cities on flame
Roadhouse blue

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password: joan

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