giovedì 24 gennaio 2013

Un bootleg al giorno - 24 gennaio - Jono Manson

Jono Manson Band
Nightingale Bar

Jono Manson: vocals & guitar
Chan Kinchla: guitar
Bob Sheehan: bass
Mark Clark: drums 

Set I
02.First One's Free
03.Hanging Out For Your Love
04.Baby's Got the Blues
05.Miss Fabulous
06.Talk To You
07.Banter/Invite up CD
08.Move Along*
09.She's Alright*
10.Crash Burn
11.Sad State of Affairs
12.Big Daddy Blues

Set II
14.The Good,The Bad,The Ugly
15.Mountains Win Again
16.I've Been Down
18.Rock Me Baby#
19.That Ain't All%
20.Almost Home
21.Brother John
22.Mind To Ramble
24.I'll Take You There@
25.Days and Nights Together*
26.Space Cowboy* (Steve Miller)

* = W/Craig Dreyer
# = W/Simon Chardiet',Craig Dreyer,Chris Barron
% = W/Simon Chardiet',Craig Dreyer
@ = W/Craig Dreyer,Katherine Russell

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