martedì 8 gennaio 2013

Un bootleg al giorno - 8 gennaio - Chuck Prophet

Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express
1-8-12, Armondos, Martinez, CA

Set 1
1. Styrofoam [Dr. Feelgood] > Credit > Sonny Liston's Blues
2. Castro Halloween
3. Let Freedom Ring > Under My Wheels [Alice Cooper] > Let Freedom Ring
4. White Night Big City
5. I Bow Down and Pray to Every Woman I See
6. Wasn't I Always A Friend To You
7. Hot Burrito #1 [Gram Parsons]
8. You Can Make a Doubter Out of Jesus
9. Fear is a Man's Best Friend [John Cale]
10.The Left Hand and the Right Hand > I’m Not Talking [Yardbirds]

Set 2
1. Look Both Ways > One More Cup of Coffee [Bob Dylan] > Look Both Ways > Temple Beautiful
2. Automatic Blues > Motorcycle Mama [Neil Young]
3. What'll I Do (lead vox=Stephanie Finch) [Howard Tate]
4. Willie Mays is Up to Bat
5. I Can Help [Billy Swan]
6. A Certain Girl [Yardbirds]
7. Emperor Norton In The Last Year Of His Life (1880)
8. Balinese Dancer
9. You Did
10.Rebel Rebel [David Bowie] *
11.Where Have All the Good Times Gone [The Kinks] *

* with Brad Brooks

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